Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Alright, so theKEEKS, Rosabelle and I went to Tucson to see toro y moi. Turns out we got sooo high on the way up to tucson that we couldn't even hold our heads up. So we went to go eat at In N' Out where we saw heinous ass chicks that had obviously been beaten at a game of softball and looked like they should of been  shucking corn and drinking mountain dew in the Appalachians. We all felt sooo out of place, and then I recalled a previous time I had been to that exact In N' Out and there were only hollister/abercrombie/aeropostale bros and hos there. We looked like complete and total freaks and everyone gave us nasty looks: TUCSON you don't know whats up and in the words of paul.o. they were not picking up what we were putting down at all. Then we were gonna go back to the hotel and get ready and were gonna catch the show but when we got there we realized the venue was a bar and I went in and asked if you had to be 21 and they said yea, well as we all know Rosabelle is barely legal and we knew if we left her alone she would end up on girls gone wild and since I'm the only one allowed to see her boobs for profit, we knew we had to figure something else to do. We tried to take rosabelle into a bar and they def asked for our id's and I was like, "huh?? we're out," and left,  tried walking around for a while finally capitulating and spending 10bills each on terrible desserts and then picked up more ciggs/40s and went back to the hotel. We got more lifted and Kiki and Rosabelle decided to get in this jacuzzi that was in our room. I tried to get in but I was too high and I couldn't even open my eyes...I also tried to open my giant stella artois and couldn't do it no one could do it. So that stella and I cashed out around 1:30am I literally fell asleep cuddling that beer I was so sad I couldn't open it. Rosabelle puked(not from drinking).  Next day we went to breakfast went shopping picked up In N Out for the road and booked it the fuck out of Tucson. "Tucson, Its been real but we are leaving you," because, no offense, but that place pretty much sucks. So theKEEKS, Rosabelle and I drove for a while and went to go see THE THING, you know its like this touristtrapgasstationheniousgiftshopplace. Well anyways we went in, paid our 1 bill for admissh, and fucking went the fuck in to see what THETHING was. Well beats us, we had to ask because there was just a grippitygwop of crap. There were like old cars(one which supposedly belonged to Hitler{wtf?}) and tractors it looked like people were living like back behind the store in a trailer...bizarre set up. We later had to ask the sales associate what the thing was and he told us it was.....(well I can't give it away) it was this dead body that they found in a okay I don't really know how well they are preserving some of the things in this "thing" museum but it was truly strange and eerie a little bit. The gift shop had oodles of offensive junky gawdy nic-nac-crap. It was funny to see some of it like...It was funny to see the races of the southwest minimized to a stereotype. LOLZ. In fact the embodiment of each stereotype actually worked in this place. Plus there were Transformers at the gas station part, or at least they should of been.  All in all we weren't even bothered that we missed the show. It was an adventure we had a blast. "You pickin up what Im putting down?"
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