Saturday, March 5, 2011

Man so far March has been awesome. Last nite we went out Frances, Nick Jones, and I. Nicky just recently turned 21 so we took him out on an adventure to say the least. We got so ROWWWDY. It was pretty ridic. I ended um planning a wedding with my friend James lolz. We were tossed fer sure. Mikey J showed his beautiful face and I full on karate kicked this guy that I sorta know.bahahahaha..he was not pumped and as a matter of fact after that happened he looked at me like I was the effing plague and then I sorta was embarrassed but I couldn't help laughing to myself and being like,"I can't believe I just kicked that dude inside Anodyne....WTF? I'm glad its last call and we're leaving before I can cause any more damage," especially because I was carrying my krink ink prepared to bomb glad I didn't get in any trouble...glad none of us got in any trouble. Well except with our social lives I definitely drunk dialed some people which was not too cute pretty sure I may have caused some chaos..Hopefully homies aint too pissed. Anyways I took some cool pics and I laughed pretty hard at them man were we trashedcakes. It was a good nite. ENJOY.
                                            This is how I started my nite off Stella and Scotch                                         
Nick Jones
JLightning and The.Keeks.
went to the library for jello shots..lolz...and to take obscene pictures of this cocktail waitress's chickitas cheekin out.
This is where the nite starts to get majorly hazy...:)
Drunk Keeks
Back to Anodyne: Mikey J and I makin faces
More faces
This picture is priceless
Mikey J.
Makin even the innocent feel guilty