Monday, February 1, 2010


Alright so I know there was no january crush and thats because I've been smoking too much pot and have been too lazy/busy to do much of anything including chill it with people. I also have had this 3 week obligation to do my civic duty and report to jury duty whenever my randomly assigned number is called. WTF? Back to the crushes I have two a female and a male. Now, I know neither of these people and they don't know me either but they are def my crushes of the moment right now. First up for the Ladies, and yes I figured I would start out the new year with someone who is completely irrelevant to anyone except me. Sam: He's responsible for doing things that are like totally unheard of and that pretty much entails doing copious amounts of drugs on the Internets and then seeing how many pushups he can do afterwards. Yes, sounds reckless but really who doesn't need this in their lives. I mean, I would be surprised if I didn't have a crush on him. He's ridiculous fine as well. I mean those baby blues, that pedifile mustache i mean he does have one downfall and that is he had to stop doing wasted pushups on and if you don't already read that blog i suggest you do. they rate people on the streets based on a scale of pussycats its like dos and don'ts in vice being that gavin mcginnis the co creator of this blog site and sam metteer's uncle i believe made do's and don'ts popular for vice) HOW CAN A GIRL GO WRONG!!! really. It was basical love at first site for me as soon as he took a hit of meth and proceeded to do 5 pushups I mean he really is great I've seen him do pushups on top of a naked girl after taking cialis(click if you wanna watch that shiz), it was wonderfully humorous and completely obscene, my two favorite things. Unfortunately, he can no longer do wasted pushups as he had to fly back to canada because he's doing some mining up there in victoria. PRETTY WEIRD. Its almost nearly impossible to find any of the wasted pushups on the internet but i've shared a couple on my facebook and I'll share a couple here. I have no idea if he is single or taken and it really doesn't matter because if I ever see him, know. Currently I am debating whether or not to facebook friend him...i'm really not sure yet. but yes check out that flannel,oh baby so fine NEXT UP: LESLEY ARFIN... Yes the crushes are in semi relation because Lesley too is a Vice graduate. She blogs at and on platform and sometimes on She also used to be the editor in chief at MISSBEHAVE, which was litterally the flyest magazine ever made on this planet, too bad the print industry is in ruins and that magazine went under.Anyways, She's pretty amazing and if you haven't read her book DEAR DIARY you should its very relatable, at least for me. You can check out her DEAR DIARY Channel on Vice its got a few episodes and she's just signed on to be exec producer of a DEAR DIARY tv show due to air on mtv this year. She's funny, Jewish, and used to be a heroin addict. She is from New Jersey but now she lives in new york and an ex of mine has told me that he's seen her drinking coffee reading her own book in nyc, not only was i thrilled to hear this but also extemely jealous because i mean, really, its fucking barfinarfin. Her twitter is the only twitter I actually follow. I wish I was her. Last year I sent her a myspace message and she sent me one back and it was basical amazing, por serio. She's fuckin brilliant and I love her. I wish I could be her.SLASH.Marry Her. Mostly I think she loves cats, she has a boyfriend had a public access show with him a while back about shoes and socks and loves chewing bubble gum, smoking ciggs, writing, dressing sweet, being bff with chloe sevigny, being sober, and just all in all being a sweet ass lady.(note: i had to take the pics down of sam cuz he works for a catholic school and has a rep to uphold)