Monday, September 27, 2010


Yea I know I haven't posted a crush in a while not since June or July I suppose. I really just have been so busy doing different things. But I feel we need a little entertainment and some crushes to crush on. I'm picking lo-fi indie king Ariel Pink, (link to his site and here's a link to his myspace.)he's super amazing, he's cute, and super into his craft which is amazingly sexy. I love Ariel Pink I think he's soo effin progressive he plays like every instrument ever and the overall production of Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti...every perfect. I don't care how much you want to hate on him he's serio genius. Its like a fusion of like Velvet underground/60s cali rock and Michael Jackson sounds like it does not belong on earth. Pop Nostalgia. Makes me want to...I mean feel like i'm in a bathroom doing illicit things but hearing the sweetest muffled sounds of my life. But no samples at all. Its intergalactic,fuzzy,beautiful,intricate, meticulous, noise genius. In love HxC. Dude is hot too. I got the chance to see him a couple years back and he blew my mind like my face was melted literally I was standing with maybe 13 people watching him in over 100 degree weather. My heart skipped beats as sweat rolled down both of our faces. It was unreal. He's bizarre and completely next level mane. You can listen to his NPR interview and listen to some tunes here its approx 14 mins. He's so awesome, I mean he's just like super real and not trying to sugar coat anything. He is what he is: totally respectable.  Before Today(2010) is one of my favorite albums to come out so far lately. I'm soo into it. I can't even begin to relate it to anyone but myself. I mean I aint even gonna do a girl to crush on cuz Ariel is the only one to crush on really. So I will be listening to Worn Copy and Before Today all the rest of this month pretty much at least it will be in my list of heady listening to. BEVERLY KILLS:(right click to save and download left for link to stream.)Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti.So yea, I'm totally creamed over Ariel Pink.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


The other nite TheKEEKS and I went out to the fair. It was, to say the least, interesting. Mad locs everywhere. As a matter of fact I saw this one lady cracked the eff out of her mind she looked like the living dead fo sho. It was a little frightening seeing tiny children run around her as she was in a state of psychobabble-craze. I got some dope ice cream...well it looked dope far as tasting fly...ummmm not so much. So we ate and we walked around and got some sweet shots. I'm pumped on them actually. I hope you all are too.. OH AND THEKEEKS I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH..I added the lil'tree pics too just for us.