Sunday, February 27, 2011


hmm so yea..mostly things are sorta shaping up not too too sure on that one. My life is sorta chaos and thats alright. I'm content with it right now. I would like to find someone to share that with but at the same point I feel like I'm not the best for myself let alone another person. Everyone I like either doesn't like me or the people that like me I'm not feelin or I'm only feelin on one level. Its chill though I ain't too bothered with all that. Here are some pics I took that I dig a lot plus a few entries of my moleskine. Gonna bomb probably later this week and try to execute some stuff. I bought some canvases too and I've been making this killer print I'm way excited to finish.
The First Time We've sat at the Tech Deck Table: Dope
Some dude taking pictures too 
 My Friend James Castle(has the coolest name)
 Best Gas Buy: $3.19 and climbing
 The Clouds Were Perfect and Signal Park is always Perfect; My home away from home fo real.

Sweet Vegetation
Really liked the colors in these photos. 
 Everything in my car has weed on/in it.
 My awesome leggings
 Steppin on the BRAKES
 Cruise on/off
 Smoking Mad NEWPORTS cuz i'm due in court
 Made this sweet pocket thing out of a vintage Oscar De La Renta tie.
 Self Portrait


Friday, February 11, 2011

life lately

Has been throwing some curve balls at me as of late. But its chillin.
 Free Beer Here
Ughh my life is ridic.
 Fake Dino Tats
Blurr'd as
 Haven't seen my pup in a couple weeks. Missin The.Burlmaster.