Sunday, June 26, 2011

tinkertown day....and into the nite.

So base, I went to Tinkertown to kick it for my other mother's b-day with my bestie Em and her friend ( who became my friend:Matthew) and her other friend Chris and got tossed off Gruet Demi Sec and Margartias. It was bleepin hot out and I got a heat rash. I'm so sensitive to the outdoors. We had a blast though. Around 530pmish we headed back to theBURQs and tried takin a nap but instead watched fine ass Andrew McCarthy in Mannequin gushed over Kim Cattrall's abs and ate pizza from DiVinci's which was rad but they messed up our order. Later we headed to Effex...which I had never been to...first time it was Matthew's b-day so we went there. I saw that one skeezy dude who's always creepin on me everytime I see him (he not only has a gf but he has a child as well and is never upfront about any of it) and I do not like it at all and have kicked him before at anodyne on an occasion I can recall vividly; dude just bothers me.....but don't get me wrong It was such a fun time ran into Orin all broken which was so cool I was like SHIT SON there's my winter ball date from my jr. year....I think Orin is one of the coolest people I've ever met. Hands down. Dude is real with it. Everytime we meet up its a good thing. Hey man, we really should kick it more often. Love me some O.Pope time. and yes I'm gonna put those pics on this blog and on my tumblr baby boyyyy <3. Here's the compulsion that is Tinkertown/Hoarder's Paradise and Some pics from our nite out.  So much fun. Always. <3, J.Lightning

 Rita, my other mom being her beautiful awesome self

 def. gave me a fortune that was eerily on point. CREEPY

 Really dig this shot.
 laughing at people having some kind of dance off....time for a pic
 fuckin rowdy sloshed all damn day/nite
 buyin drunks drinks

 some kind of love connection

 Orin: coolest dude ever...AMIRITE?
 broken but pumped
 we were obvio telling jokes to each other