Wednesday, May 26, 2010


STAR WARS. YOU ARE AWESOME. EMPIRE TURNS 30 TODAY. I will be watching it. My fave(besides Return of the Sith.) Also My b-day is Sunday so if anyone wants to come over and play Dreamcast/sing/dance/watch tv/get lifted/drunkface with me that day then i'm in and you should hit me up.

Monday, May 24, 2010

not too long ago

The.Keeks and I went out with Gizz these are a couple pics from that nite as well as a few of when we went out with Mikey one nite.   

The Keeks
Gizz and Adam
J.Lightning and THE.KEEKS.
Look at that face Gisela is giving me.haha

The best table at Anodyne and maybe ever in the WORLD.
Worst Pants EVER(wtf? fo real)
Fuckin stupid line at Burts(Uhhh like why is there a line even at all)
The Keeks
Strange Menu

Hope you liked that er whatev.
Um Anyways.