Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Basically, I did not plan on going anywhere for New Years. I was feeling really under the weather and just all in all over the whole season of thanksgiving,Christmas,new years, I dunno all of it just really starts to get to me and I had no intention of seeking out any kind of adventure whatsoever. Contrary to my plans I ended up being invited to Imbibe with my best friend of 10 Years Emily her "Man" friend had reserved a table and I was in. So off we went to Imbibe. Upon arrival we were encouraged to drink as much champagne as humanly possible and as soon as our glasses were seeing drought they brought out the Grey Goose and kept filling our champagne glasses. Double fisting champagne, greygoose and redbull; all of a sudden it was the countdown, I dunno, I wasn't too excited I had no one to kiss so I sorta was over it all at that point. I couldn't help myself. I had just drank some overthetop honesty potion so I was not filtering out much. All of sudden Em comes up and is all,"ITS TIME TO GO GIRRRRL,"

"Our Party" didn't end till about 5 in the morning we ate sammys and then passed out for a min. I made my french exit and got home around 730am. Awww what a nite.

 Imbibe: Hats(no one wore) and yes smoking inside is awesome.
So cute

 Cool Shirt
 Our hostess with the mostess.
 Her orange wig was rad.
 the biggest sequin dress I ever did see.
 me and em obviously very drunk.

very very drunk 
 I'm really not sure what these ladies are talking about but just look at those facial expressions/body language.

The table.
One of the coolest wooden beams I've ever seen
The Stars inside a house. So cool full constellations.