Friday, July 29, 2011

things i'm working on.

all this is process gonna put a few of these in the alumni show pretty sure. Mixed Media: Glass on Archival Print/35mm prints/thread;some on wood last one is a mobile on contact paper with protective plastic cover and ceramic skeleton beads

 IN Memorium
 “Candy Colored Dreams and Care.Bear Vomit…I dunno when that started to be fun or when it stopped but it did.

 "EaT My TEeTh"

Sunday, July 17, 2011

my trip to the east

Here are pictures of parts of my trip to the east. A lot of times I didn't have my camera because I was getting too rowdy. In Boston I ran off cuz my family was upsetting me: got drunk, got lost, scraped the fuck out of my arm and I guess ended up ruining Boston Time for the rest of my family. Whatever FUCK that. YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO BITCHES. I got some cool shots though. Its super colonial (which is a little bit creep worthy), super green and lush out there so it kinda blew my mind. I saw a moose, a fox, some deer, wild turkeys, ate like a bajillion sammys. Bought some really neat jewlery and hats and a really cool 1903 Audubon print of owls which i'm pumped on. At one point I went to like this bar in the middle of the woods with some serious Vermonters( I'm talking mountain men, and girls named Billie Joe) they tripped out on me pretty sure but I met them picked their brains and had a super rad time with them. So here are some pics. I think they are pretty neat. Enjoy:
 These Clovers are so cool: HEARTS <3
Serious Mac.kin
 effin weird. these things creep me out fer sure.
 Apparently Eric is a Bitch
 Apparently this Robot is pissed.
Apparently I had to go all the way east to get a decent cup of coffee that wasn't brewed at home(fuck you satellite[best coffee, WHATEVER] and every coffee place in New Mexico; sorry just doesn't even cut it.
Just straight creepy

Have a good time.
<3, J.Lightning.