Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i have

no idea what i'm getting myself into at present....and neither do you really, I guess thats legit. I guess its alright. I'm pretty sure its awesome..you're super cute. I might really be into you....Hope I don't get fucked based on the history of the two people that we are individually.
On a different note all together....show is coming up. Thank you Dylan for helping me out. Thank you home depot/lowes for giving me the hardest time ever. Thank you flu/pot for setting me back 5-6 days. EVERYONE HEAD OUT its on the 6th of November from 6-9pm..its gonna be tight as hell and its at warehouse 508 I'm so excited to unveil new pieces in my series. I'm so excited I got asked to participate.
love this vid have been on a harmony korine binge.

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