Sunday, October 4, 2009


all i wanna say is FUCK YOU whoever you are you're the type of person who makes babies cry... I really wanted to be the bigger person but its just too fucked up.....por serio...i have a pretty good idea who you are but seriously...what the fuck is wrong with you why would you run your mouth about something that you have no clue what you're talking about what kind of sick ass person do you have to be to make nonsense like that up and who the fuck are you to even be telling anyone anything. I mean who cares who I have sex with or if i'm even having sex at all...unless its you. My sex life is extremely private and pretty sure you have boned more dudes in one week then I have in my whole life, seriously....and thats not a bad thing thats your sexuality and whatever don't try to knock me for mine who do you think you are...and you have no buisness starting fucking drama at all..WHATS WRONG WITH YOU...why must girls constantly try to destroy other girls...i just don't get this concept at all and how sick do you have to be to make up some really henious/obscene rumor I mean how jealous and insecure....and how did I let someone in my life bring this drama, chaos and distress in my life from the very did i let someone bring people like this into my life. I feel sick inside. I feel crazy or like I'm this bad person and this is why this is happening..but I have never done anything harmful to any of you period.... i'm a positive person/energy...i'm happier then i've ever been...SO who cares what i'm doing...why is it necessary for you create this hostility and're a bad person...drama follows you because you make it for yourself because you are people feed off that shit its obvious and its sad how completely transparent you are. SO FUCK YOU SUCK A FAT HAIRY COCK (i'm sure you're used to it) and CHOKEandthenTHROW UP...yes you got to me and yes you are a walking offense, you will get whats coming to you someday. That is the last time I acknowledge any of this bullshit period...whoever you are you are pathetic and worthless...and I pity you. I'm embarrassed for you.

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