Saturday, November 7, 2009

art show was mad impressive

Everything seemed to come together last niz. it was legit. had fun had homies show up not as many as I had hoped but turn out was awesome thanks to everyone who showed up and made it a success....was legit...heres a link to the alibi article...everything was super flattering and i'm so happy with the show...all the art will be up all month..go check it out these pictures don't do any of this justice...i mean they are legit but in real life they are so much of work by the other artists to come...all pieces are archival digital photos on canvas or wood with epoxy resin finish (11 pieces in the show had to take 3 out not enough room I have two new other pieces too which i'm going to put up eventually all work for sale contact me for price detail and negotiations if interested I did sell Nick, Lindsay, and potentially Kyle but sales aren't finalized so don't sweat it if you want one lemme know.) I'm so thrilled with everything, thanks kat for everything and everyone at warehouse 508.

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