Saturday, June 4, 2011


So before I get into the b-day extravagance story I'll let you in on these images I shot of my friend Ray and his store Microwave which I really am kinda obsessed with I like them so much. This day was so brutally hot(temp-wise)and Ray may or may not of had a heart condition. Some kid with poorly fitted pants came in and asked if he could trade in a pair of shoes even though he did not buy them here. WTF? who even does that. We laughed at his expense poor kid.
Ray in the front
more of the mess
pretty disgruntled phone chatting

Now on to the events that I vaguely remember that made up my bday. Frances surprised me by taking me on the eve of my birthday to the Radisson(which i just heard is going under) Water Park which was totally totally epic and super fun the only thing was that I forgot my camera which made me sad. While swimming I was starting to feel completely old and irrelevant when a 17yr old asked for my number and told me he would "be seeing me around" I laughed and told him," I'm about to turn 24 you are too young...I cannot give you my digits homie." The kid was persistent though and I just was like, "I think it could be illegal for us to even talk." It sorta made my nite though I mean besides the heady water sliding and splashing around.  I bought my last pack of cigarettes. Got completely lifted from doing our trademark waterfalls that I passed out on the sleep number beds harshcore watching father of the bride 2.

On the actual day of my birthday however I really tried to stay relatively sober. I went to a bbq at my gma's and they had like cake and ice cream and a huge spread so The.Keeks and I ate and got our little cousins(they aren't really that little by the way) drunk on rum and coke. I got pretty tossed to the point that things started to become very hazy. I remember The.Keeks suggesting we go smoke a blunt so I believe we went to our friend Robert's to do so and watched some kind of television where I proceeded to down more rum and get belligerent I suppose. Frances informs me that I was pretty drunk and being ridic. I don't remember the conversations I had at all quite honestly by this point. I hear we went to Gisela's but I can't really recall that besides the pictures. That's really the only way i'm piecing this together. haha. I guess we drank more at Gizz's house and played with her dog and watched the Hangover because a couple days before that I had seen the Hangover 2 which was funny but not as funny as the first. We left to meet up with people at Anodyne. I vaguely remember taking a shot of Patron and having more rum and coke's I really can't remember Anodyne worth shit are some shots....supposedly I got lost and The.Keeks almost left me but luckily she didn't but I did throw out all my makeup I guess and lost 20 dollars. Don't know how it all really played out but hopefully my friends still love me. Enjoy <3 J.Lightning
I wish I knew what Gizz was talking about
These pics were so rad of her

This is rum in the.Keeks's purse...obviously things were getting blurry
so tossed fer sure
but still cute
The.Keeks lookin sultry..and me just all faded
partial to this blurred shot
I laughed so hard when I saw this. I love A.Murray's face and Val is priceless.(do not remember)
More drunken hysteria
This is a really great pic of everyone...well except me but my arm looks good i guess.

Thanks to everyone who called me, texted me,fb'd me, drank with me this nite. I was so depressed about my bday and you guys made me feel loved and alive.

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