Tuesday, June 21, 2011

eh.kitchen fun?

I don't wanna brag or nothing...well gosh actually I'm totally gonna gloat in it. One day I'm gonna make a significant other fricken so happy they will not know what to do with themselves. I am a great little chef and have no problem cooking naked. I can cook a mean meal for any diet; serio. You like new mexican, mexican, greek, chinese,japanese,american,whatever cuisine I can do it big son. You're a vegan I got it on lock... or even just a vegetarian I do it so harsh in the kitchen people freak the FUCK out. One time I made this kid a sandwich and he was like,"what the fuck is this sammy its sooooo damn good," he calls me to this day to make him those sandwiches. I'm just always so proud whenever I finish in the kitchen because everyone walks away happy, full, and beyond satisfied which makes me feel super good about myself.  Anyways; I made some food today(you wish you could smell my kitchen) and took some pictures of the process. Some of these pics are from cooking today some of them are just from the past week and my being so self absorbed just like you...and you...oh and you over there pretending to be too cool to read my shit... So here's a photo essay of my meal and a couple days/the week beforehand.

Earlier Last week my friend and I were very drunk off this shit:

My friend broke a glass and chard's were everywhere including his foot. That was a good time. His house is full of awesome stuff to get lost in. He may or may not be a border line hoarder. I'm into it big time.

I went to taos and captured the sun. It looks super rad. Feast your eyes on what god would look like if god peeked over the clouds and winked at you, I mean if that type of thing existed.

This is  The.BURLMASTER( yes that's the way its spelt on his papers). He is the craziest, coolest, punk as fuck pup I've ever known. Love my pup. He loves listening to me play the piano and killing birds he likes to dance and get his teeth brushed. He needs a girlfriend...he has an unhealthy relationship with his puppy bed and humps the daylights out of it then tries ripping it to shreds.I adore him. If u met him you'd love him too.

These are pics of me because no blog of a young woman is complete without pictures of herself and especially these ones which I happen to love because I am obsessed with the shirt I'm wearing and my glasses make me look cuckoo, crazy,sexy(instead of crazy,sexy,cool like TLC..although cool is something I'm just always exuding because geeezuuus I can't even help it mane.)

Now onto the food. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of any of the finished products because as soon as I finished I ate it all..well not all I fed a few other people and made fillet Mignon for the meat eaters but was epically good. You get the idea.
 Breaded Parmesan zucchinis
With a Red Pepper, Tomato and Garlic Romesco sauce 

 Roasted Potatoes, Garlic, Onions, Peppers with Fresh Rosemary(from the garden) and Olive Oil
 Fresh Cucumbers and Radishes for the salad
 Grand Marnier Strawberry Sauce For Strawberry Shortcake
And Whipped Cream I made

Eat your hearts out all day everyday..bad boy for life

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