Thursday, April 1, 2010



Word up. So i'm on the Jailbait tip as always. Come on I can't help myself.


So James is one fine piece of Osterlund ass. Seems to run in the fam. He is pretty pretty pretty goodlookin just like the other one(PAUL duhhh!!). He plays tennis, goes to Rio Rancho High and is supa smart. He's been molded by the best of the best. Mos Def one of Burque's Finest. I'm also pretty sure he's up on his b-ball game and soccer game.  Quite the catch for the younger ladies fo sho fo sho.  James definitely has it going on. I think even I've hit on him in a moment of weakness(of course that was over 3 months ago {maybe longer-my bad J.Osterlund} or some shiz).  On his facebook his interests include: HOT BABES, MUSIC,SCIENCE, ART,and  PHILOSOPHY(yes I did my Facebook market research ). Can't really go wrong with that.  He Hails C-Town where all the flyassdudes are at. DUH. I mean I dunno if you've ever tapped that demographic but DAMNN boys be unreal in Corrales fo real. He's totally funny and witty and he also has an awesome personality to back up his cute self. So when all is said and done. He's just a great guy and total babe. He is close with a particular lady she is quite fine as well and shes the girl C.O.M..  You can FB friend him here.
Photo by Julia L.
but not this one.
  Or This One

This Awesome Jewish Sweetie is soo absolutely beautiful and on top of that she is super interesting and happens to be my sister from another mister. I absolutely adore this girl and if you knew her you probs would adore her too. She is like one of the most beautiful girls I have ever known and yes boys. I have seen her naked. jealous.  She's a fineass fo sho. She goes to Pius and writes her spanish papers in Hebrew!!! She was born in London and also grew up in Berkeley. Talk about She is most certainly a heartbreaker just like yours truly. SO WATCH OUT(j/k) but no really.  She's super well rounded. She's traveled quite a bit, is super articulate and listens to some pretty sweet tunes. She also has this Fugazi shirt that I want.  She's got super cute styles and when she's not with me going on wild vacations you can find her at home snuggling her teddy bears(na, I wish that that though). She's super colorful and I just really enjoy her company. You can Facebook friend her here. You can tell she's a chosen one.

These Photos by Me: J.Lightning.

But Not This One.

Here you guys go...feast your eyes on a beautiful couple( i also did not take this picture although i wish i could of seen them at their dance..cutes)

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