Wednesday, June 23, 2010


TV PARTY TONITE!!!(TV party-Black Flag)
T.V: All of them... not one in particular...have made crush of the month this month. Last month there were no crushes no one was crushworthy at all quite honestly and this month I've been in hibernation so the TV has been the only thing I'm huggin on. I don't care if you're one of those pretentious people who have decided that they,"won't watch TV." WHATEVES!!!! Television is like one of the best educational tools known to man in my personal opinion but I also happen to be very much in love with my television. Anyways doesn't matter how you feel about that electrical picture box....kiss on that TV set tonite and then Zombie the fuck out.

Reasons to crush on your box this month are: TV will never fart inappropriately or leave unflushed piss in your toilet. TV will never have an existential crisis and will never tell you to shut up when you're crying. TV will never push you or threaten you. TV will never upset you intentionally. TV will never break your heart( I mean unless you're a freak and expecting the TV to have a human relationship with you). It really will never let you down unless you don't have a DVR/TiVo; although I wouldn't recommended getting a TiVo just for the sheer reasoning that you will become junked out on the tube.
I'm honestly such a tv junkie; I record old Seinfeld episodes and random tv so I can watch those episodes when there is nothing on and when all that fails I can attach myself to my comp.USA. and watch tv on the internet. Talk about an addiction. My TV is always there for me when I get high so I can watch all my tivo'd Adult Swim Cartoons,Tosh.0 and Adventure Time. Why would anyone leave the house. Who needs human interaction anyways when my ultimate crush is Meatwad. Although there is so much bad television out there some of that bad tv is pretty decent. The E! network is extremely entertaining and gives a pretty good look into our American society and how shallow everyone really is and how pop culture is disintegrating our youth and our own generation's originality and moral compasses.  Like I said, TV as an educational tool is really quite an amazing thing.  TV as a friend is great never lets you down really unless there is nothing on or explodes. So in the words of Black Flag,"Don't talk about anything else We don't wanna know! We're dedicated To our favorite shows!" GO HUG YOUR TV THIS MONTH FO REAL ON THE REAL.

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